The Importance of Exercise for Vascular Health

Most people are aware that exercise is a key component to support an overall healthy lifestyle. Exercise helps to strengthen and tone our bodies and maintain a healthy bodyweight. It’s even beneficial to our vascular health, promoting blood flow and circulation.

Exercise and vascular health

After the age of 55, the risk for vascular conditions like heart attack, stroke, hypertension, peripheral artery disease, and high cholesterol significantly increases. People who live a sedentary lifestyle are at an even greater risk for developing these conditions, especially those who are obese. To combat the development of these conditions, there are many exercises you can do. Activities such as running, playing sports, swimming, and even a simple 30-minute brisk walk can make a big difference. Some benefits you’ll reap with regular exercise include:

  • Burning extra calories
  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Reducing your LDL “bad” cholesterol levels
  • Boosting your HDL “good” cholesterol levels

Starting a healthy exercise routine

If you’re just beginning, it’s important to start slow to ease your body into a new routine. Think about what you like to do. Every person is different, and each individual will find different exercises more appealing. Do you like to exercise at home, at the gym, or outside? Would you workout with a trainer, or do you prefer to do it on your own? These are all important factors to consider. A few main types or exercise to get you started include:

  • Stretching – Stretching is a crucial component to any exercise regimen. Be sure to thoroughly stretch after you’ve warmed up and post-workout, as well, to prevent any injury.
  • Aerobic exercise – Aerobic exercises get your body moving fast enough to raise your heart rate and get your blood pumping. This includes running, jogging, swimming, and biking.
  • Strength Training – Strength training includes the use of weights, resistance bands, and your own bodyweight to build stronger muscles.

In addition to a lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking and a poor diet are among the reasons why many people still fail to reach their maximum health potential. For more information on improving your vascular health, call the vascular specialists at Baton Rouge Vascular Specialty Center today at (225) 769-4493.